WordPress Translation Services

At Orange Translations, we have provided WordPress website localisation for more than 10 years.

Combining the expertise of professional human translators with the latest technology we ensure that your WP translation is professional, cost-effective, and fast, in 50+ languages.


WordPress Multilingual (WPML) is a popular WordPress translation plugin for creating and managing multilingual content on WordPress websites. We have been working with WMPL for many years. In fact, our own website that you are visiting now uses WPML. It is lightweight and easy to install and has the added advantage of integrating with our translation environment system Memsource.

This means we can export the content directly out of your WordPress back-end into our translation environment system. Our translators and editors work within that system, where they have access to our translation memory database, terminology database, spell check and other quality assurance tools. Once the translation work has been completed, we import the content back into WordPress, check the completeness and layout of each page, make any necessary adjustments and then notify you once your fully localized website is ready for publication. This saves you time and money, as you do not need to manually paste translated content, in a language you might not understand, into your website. It also gives you peace of mind that everything is displayed properly, formatted correctly and has gone through a final check by a native speaker of the language.

We offer you a seamless process, ensuring professional, fast and cost-effective WordPress translations.

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