Wix Website Localization

Translating websites built with Wix into multiple languages

Wix.com is a cloud-based web development platform for building and managing websites. Like other web content management systems (CMS), such as TYPO3 or WordPress, Wix offers built-in functionality for creating multilingual websites. The features are less advanced than what other CMS offer, but on a basic level, Wix Multilingual enables you to create parallel copies of the website, in different languages. This means that design changes or structural changes in the primary language will also be reflected in the secondary language versions, which makes managing the site a lot easier than having independent sites for each language (for details on building multilingual websites in Wix see How to build a multilingual website on Wix).

Wix Multilingual

What is lacking in Wix Multilingual is the ability to integrate with professional translation environment systems such as Memsource, which we use here at Orange Translations. This is important because translators would not want to work directly in Wix but need a translation environment that gives them the tools required for professional translation work, such as translation memory, terminology management, spellcheck, quality assurance etc.).

Both WordPress and TYPO3 enable us to export translatable content through add-ons (WPML in the case of WordPress and L10NMgr in the case of TYPO3) and import translated content back onto the website. With Wix Multilingual the process is a bit less advanced. We have to manually copy the content from the primary language pages and place the translated content back into the website manually. This drives up cost, although the truth is that even WordPress and TYPO3 require quite a bit of manual touch-up work - the import/export process is seldom perfect. Especially for smaller websites for less than 25 pages the cost effect is therefore usually quite moderate.

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