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Umraco web content management system

Looking for a professional translation agency with expertise in translating Umbraco websites? Then you have come to the right place. At Orange Translations, we translate web content in fields such as consumer products, tourism, technical marketing, business services and many other fields. Combining the expertise of professional human translators with the latest technology we ensure that your Umbraco website is translated professionally, cost-effectively and on schedule.

Umbraco Translation Manager

Umbraco is a leading open-source web content management system (CMS) for managing online content. It offers a user-friendly interface for editors to create web pages, write texts, and update content on websites. Like other web CMS, such as TYPO3 or WordPress, Umbraco offers functionality for creating multilingual websites. A separate plugin, Translation Manager, allows users to manage content in different languages. You can add languages, create different language versions of the same page and localise all other features of the websites such as menus, headers and footers, meta information etc.

Seamless integration

Translation Manager also makes it possible for source content to be exported, and translated content to be imported back into the website in XLIFF format, which is compatible with the translation environment systems that most translation agencies, including Orange Translations, use. This enables our translators and editors to work in their familiar environment, where they have access to tools such as translation memory, terminology, spellchecks, quality assurance (QA) etc, ensuring high quality and consistency.

Yachthaven Biesbosch website

Reference project: Umbraco website translated and localized by Orange Translations

Yachthaven Biesbosch, located in the Netherlands, is a full service marina for water sports enthusiasts. It is one of the 9 marinas of the Yacht Havens Group and attracts visitors from all over Europe. We translated their website into German to help Yachthaven Biesbosch improve it's international exposure, cater to its already sizeable German customer base and attract new customers.


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