TYPO3 Website Translation and Localization

Professional translations of TYPO3 websites

TYPO3 web content managment systemAt Orange Translations, we have translated TYPO3 websites for more than 15 years in a wide range of languages. Over the years, translation in TYPO3 has become one of our main areas of expertise. We translate websites in the fields of engineering, marketing and business services. A lot of our work has been for small and medium companies across Europe. We also work directly with web designers and marketing agencies. Combining the expertise of professional human translators with the latest technology we ensure that your TYPO3 website is translated professionally, cost-effectively and fast.


TYPO3 language capabilities

As a web content management system, TYPO3 has the capability of handling multiple language versions of a site. Overall TYPO3 website localization works very well. Over the years we have never experienced any major difficulties, even with non-Western languages such as Chinese or Japanese.

Reference projects

To view some of the TYPO3 sites that we have translated see our TYPO3 website localization project showcase.


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Multilingual site structure

In TYPO3, you can add and manage foreign language content using either the one-tree or two-tree concept. Most projects we've been involved with use a one-tree approach, where there is a single page tree on which each page can be created in each language. It provides a clear, parallel structure, which is an advantage for future website updates. At the same time, TYPO3 offers the flexibility of hiding any pages that do not exist in a certain language. (also see Working with Languages on typo3.org).

TYPO3 Localization Manager

The TYPO3 Repository contains several extensions that facilitate the translation process. The most prominent is the TYPO3 Localization Manager (l10nmgr - since 2021 in version 10). The extension, which was first introduced in 2007 by Kasper Skårhøj and co-sponsored by Orange Translations, offers a module for online translation as well as various interfaces for exporting & importing translatable content.

This means we can export the content directly out of your TYPO3 backend into our translation environment system. Our translators and editors work within that system, where they have access to our translation memory database, terminology database, spell check and quality assurance tools. After the translations are complete, we import the content back into TYPO3, check the completeness and layout of each page in the front-end, make any necessary adjustments and then hand the fully localized website over to you.

In the past, some of our clients have not been able to install L10NMgr on their websites because of compatibility issues. In those cases we have placed the content manually, which is a bit more work, but by no means unreasonable. We have been executing this process seamlessly, ensuring a fast, efficient workflow, and have delivered numerous successful TYPO3 website localization projects over the years.

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