Technical Document Translation

Providing technical translation services for more than 10 years.

Orange Translations specialize in fields as diverse as mechanical engineering, plant construction and consumer electronics. We translate user manuals and other technical documentation, as well as technical marketing content and proposal or tender documents.

Expert translators

Since no single translator can be an expert in all technical fields we carefully match each project to translators and editors specializing in that particular field. Your projects will, therefore, be assigned to translators proven to have the necessary technical background and translation expertise.

Translation memory and terminology

For your technical translation projects, our translators work within a translation memory system that stores all translated content in a database in real time. That way, identical content does not need to be translated repeatedly. This saves time and money and helps ensure accurate and consistent translations throughout each project and over time.

In addition, for each client we set up and maintain a term base which contains all technical terms, product names etc. that should be kept consistent in every translation. This helps ensure correct and uniform usage of key terminology.

Quality assurance

To ensure a professional quality translation process we adhere to the European Quality Standard EN 15038 and the American Translators Association's Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

Compliance with international standards

The process of creating and publishing technical documentation is regulated by a host of international norms such as the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC or the American standard for presenting safety information ANSI Z535. These standards include specific provisions on the translation process. At Orange Translations, we understand these requirements and are able to provide translations that ensure your compliance with these standards.

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