Marketing Translation and Transcreation

Ever since we started Orange Translations in 2006, translation services for the marketing industry have been among our top specializations.

We understand that marketing translation quality is important. When a client sends us a marketing text for translation into another language, for example, a brochure or website copy, they have often spent days and weeks brainstorming, drafting, writing and editing the original version. We believe that the same level of care and professional attention should go into the translation process as well.

What is transcreation?

Marketing translations aren't just about having your texts literally translated. What is needed is the ability to express the same thoughts, but also to convey the same emotions in a style that works in the translation the same way as it does in the source text. Rather than producing a word-by-word translation, the translator creates, to some extent, an entirely new text in the target language – therefore the term transcreation.

Translation and desktop publishing (DTP)

Over the years we have built solid expertise working in a range of different file formats such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Quark.

We can take your source documents in any of these formats and deliver fully formatted translated documents in the same file format, ready for printing or online publishing. This saves time and money and helps avoid costly mistakes that can occur when laying out documents in a language that you might not know. We ensure that translation and DTP are integrated seamlessly.

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Website localization

If you are looking to get your website translated into multiple languages we can provide you with a seamless process, working with a wide range of web content management systems such TYPO3, Joomla and WordPress. This allows us to place the translations directly into your website and finalize the layout, rather than just handing you a set of translated text files.

We make sure to resolve any potential issues such as text expansion, hyphenation, fonts and many other language-related factors.

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