Market Research Translation Services

We have been serving the market research industry for more than 10 years.

Orange Translations provide professional translation services for this sector in 50+ languages.

We understand that shoddy translations can quickly ruin your market research project. An inaccurate term, a translation that is too literal or an improper cultural reference in a questionnaire may result in a foreign speaker understanding a question differently than a person taking the same survey in English.

Once you have asked a wrong question, you will receive a wrong answer. You will not be able to compare your survey results accurately across different language groups. In the worst case, your research data becomes useless.

Getting it right from the beginning

Translations for the market research field require a carefully crafted process, to ensure that data collected is relevant and accurate. Therefore, we pay special attention to three points: target locale, linguistic accuracy and project management.

1. Target Locale

We only select translators from the same locale as the market we are translating for. E.G. if we translate a customer satisfaction survey into Spanish for Mexico we will assign a Mexican, rather than Spanish, translator. Even though both countries speak Spanish there are numerous differences in terms and idioms, which could lead to misunderstandings.

2. Linguistic Accuracy

To ensure the validity of your market research data we assign professional translators who have proven their ability to accurately translate even subtle nuances. Our translators are native speakers of the languages with years of experience in translating market research content.

3. Project Management

In the market research field, deadlines are often tight. In addition, the translation process often requires clarification, as translators have questions or need additional background information. Having offices and staff across different time zones allows us to manage projects around the clock. Our experienced project managers will support you at each step of the way – effectively, responsively and with a sense of urgency.

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