Legal Document Translation

Translation services for law firms and legal departments are a major area of specialisation for us.

We understand that translations intended for court submission, used for legal contracts or for application procedures require the highest level of accuracy possible. At Orange Translations, we assign your projects to specialised legal translators who have an educational background in law as well as solid experience in the field of legal translations.

Many of our legal translators have previous work experience as attorneys or paralegals. Pursuant to the European translation quality standard EN 15038, all legal document translations are proofread by a second translator to ensure a high level of accuracy.


In the legal field deadlines for translations are often extremely tight. Drawing from a large pool of well-qualified translators ensures that we can usually find translators who are available immediately or at short notice. For large projects, we assign a team of translators to get your Legal Documents translated with maximum efficiency.

Quality assurance

To ensure a professional quality translation process we adhere to the European Quality Standard EN 15038 and the American Translators Association's Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.


We are able to certify each translation we provide, so that it can be used for official purposes. Our in-country offices provide certifications for the UK, the US, Hong Kong and the Philippines, which are generally accepted in those countries and, in some cases, beyond.

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