Financial Document Translation

We have been providing translation services for the finance industry for more than 10 years.

Orange Translations can translate a wide range of financial documents, including annual reports, accounting guidelines and contracts for financial institutions, insurance companies and corporate finance departments.

Expert translators

We understand that financial translations that are published, submitted to government departments or used in corporate transactions require a very high level of accuracy. At Orange Translations, we assign your project to translators who specialize in finance translations and have the necessary industry background and translation expertise.

Pursuant to the European translation quality standard EN 15038, all translations are proofread by a second translator for quality assurance.

Translation memory and terminology

For your finance translation projects our translators work within a translation memory system that stores all translated content in a database in real time. That way, identical content does not need to be translated repeatedly. This saves time and money and helps ensure accurate and consistent translations throughout each project and over time. For example, annual reports often have at least some content that remains identical from one year to the next. Working with our translation memory system we can offer you reduced cost while maintaining an excellent level of consistency.


We are able to certify each translation we provide so that it can be used for official purposes. Our in-country offices provide certifications for the UK, the US, Hong Kong and the Philippines, which are generally accepted in those countries and, in some cases, beyond.

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