Professional Translation Services, 50+ languages

Orange Translations provides translations of texts and documents in a wide range of languages. Our worldwide network of translators covers all major countries and a lot of local dialects.

For each project, to ensure professional and accurate translations, we will carefully select a team of translators and editors who specialize in exactly that field of expertise. With our large pool of specialist translators, we cover fields such as:

For an overview of clients and industries we serve please see our list of references.

Translation Memory (TM) Technology

All our translations are performed by real humans - professional translators and editors. However, we employ up-to-date technology to ensure quality and make the process more cost-efficient. At the core of this is MemSource, our Translation Memory (TM) tool. It keeps track of and allows the reuse of text that is repetitive.

This saves costs and time, as repeat text does not need to be translated over and over again. As your TM database grows over time, your savings increase with every project. Plus, TM technology ensures accurate and consistent translations throughout each project and over time.

Terminology Management

For each client we create and maintain a dedicated term base which contains all industry terms, product names or any other words that should be kept consistent in every translation. Our TM system allows us to track the correct usage of these terms over time to ensure consistent wording.

The term base is also an excellent quality assurance tool, for example, if you have in-country reviewers or subject matter specialists review and provide feedback about our translations.


To ensure a professional quality translation process we adhere to the European Quality Standard EN 15038 and the American Translators Association's Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

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