Integrated client review: an opportunity for streamlined translation feedback
November 23, 2017
TYPO3 Localization Manager l10nmgr 8.2 released
February 2, 2018

New quality assurance tool improves monitoring of translation quality.

Orange Translations implements TQ Auditor to streamline quality assessments

New quality assurance tool improves monitoring of translation quality

Most translations we provide are translated by one translator and then proofread/edited by a second translator, in line with prevailing professional standards such as the European Quality Standard EN 15038. As part of this proofreading process, we evaluate the quality of the first translator and use this information in deciding if we work with the translator again and what sort of projects we prefer to assign to him or her. For example, some translators are very good at transcreating marketing copy, producing well-rounded and compelling advertising messages, while others thrive in technical or legal translations. We also like to share the feedback we receive from proofreaders with each translator, but in our busy day-to-day schedule, it is often difficult to find the time.

TQ Auditor is a new tool launched by the creators of Protemos, a translation management system. It allows us to streamline the proofreading process, measure each translator’s performance in a quantifiable way and provide much more detailed, deeper feedback to each translator, on a continuous basis. The system enables the translator to see which text segments of their translation were modified or corrected, the nature of the correction (spelling, grammar, accuracy etc.) and the severity (minor, major, critical). This allows us to quantify the performance of each translator and measure it over time, and over a range of dimensions, such as overall rating, a rating for certain types of translations (marketing, technical, legal etc.), & specific nature of errors.

For our clients, this means that in the future we will be even better at ensuring that we assign the best-qualified translators for the type of translation project the clients sends us and that this choice is based on a quantifiable track record.

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