Certified Translations in Hong Kong

When submitting translations for legal purposes you will often be asked to provide certified translations, for example when you apply for a visa at a foreign consulate in Hong Kong or when you file non-English/non-Chinese documents with Hong Kong government departments. Examples of such documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates or medical records. Also, applications for bank accounts or other banking matters often require certified translations. Orange Translations provides certified translations through its Hong Kong translation office. In most cases, the whole process takes around 3 working days.

In our experience, Hong Kong government departments and institutions are rather inconsistent regarding their certification requirements. To avoid that translations will be rejected it is important that you ask the government department or institution where you are filing the translation what exactly their requirements are.

Most Hong Kong government agencies, foreign consulates as well as universities, banks etc. accept a Company Certification. However, in some cases a Sworn Declaration is required.

Company Certification is a printed certificate of accuracy on company letterhead that is signed by our company representative and stamped with our company chop. This certificate is attached to the printout of the translation. We charge a flat fee of HK-$250 for this certification, including delivery by Local Courier.

Sworn Declaration is processed through the Public Enquiry Service of the Hong Kong Home Affairs Department (HAD). The translator or a translation company representative appears personally at the HAD office where he or she presents the translation and declares under oath that it is true and accurate. We currently do not offer this service, so if a sworn declaration is required we will unfortunately not be able to assist you.

The Process

Step 1: Submit your documents

Email your documents to hk@orangetranslations.com or use the "Quick Quote" contact form on this page. We do not need the originals. A scanned copy or picture from your smartphone is fine.

You can also drop off copies of your documents (please do not leave originals with us) at our registered office at 10/F., Guangdong Investment Tower, 148 Connaught Road Central. However, our project managers work remotely; they are not based at that office. We have receptionists there who will be happy to scan and forward your documents to us, but they are not familiar with the translation process and will not be able to answer any questions. Therefore, the most convenient process is to send us your documents directly by email.

Step 2: Quotation

We’ll analyze your documents and contact you by email (usually within 2-3 hours) to let you know the cost, turnaround time and our bank information should you decide to proceed with the translation.

Step 3: Payment

Proceed to any HSBC branch in Hong Kong to deposit your payment or pay by bank transfer. Please send us a quick message once you have completed the payment.

Step 4: Translation and certification

We’ll complete the translation, usually within a day or two for short documents, and email it to you for approval. That way you have the opportunity to check the spelling of names, dates etc. and confirm that you are happy with everything.

Step 5: Delivery

We’ll print out the translations, certify them, email you a scanned copy in PDF and send you the certified translations by UPS. The UPS delivery takes 2 working days as we send out all our certified translations from our UK office.

For further details about certified translations in Hong Kong, please contact Orange Translations Hong Kong office

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