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Why professional quality is important in market research translations

Shoddy translations can quickly ruin your market research project. An inaccurate term, a translation that is too literal or an improper cultural reference in a questionnaire may result in a Spanish speaker understanding the question differently than a person taking the same survey in English. Once you have asked the wrong question, you will receive the wrong answer. You will not be able to compare your survey results accurately across different language groups. In the worst case, your research date may be come useless.

Getting it right from the beginning

Translations for the market research field require a carefully crafted process, to ensure that research results are relevant and accurate. Therefore, we pay special attention to three points: target locale, linguistic accuracy and project management.

Target Locale

To ensure that the meaning of any question or statement will be correctly understood by the local respondents we select translators from that exact same locale. For example, if we translate a customer satisfaction survey for the Mexican market we will assign a Spanish translator in Mexico rather than, say, a translator in Spain. Even though both countries speak Spanish there are numerous differences in terms and idioms, which could lead to misunderstandings.

Linguistic Accuracy

To ensure the validity of market research material we assign professional translators who have proven their ability to accurately translate even the most subtle nuances in language. All our translators:

  • Are native speakers of the language
  • Have many years of experience in translating market research material
  • Specialize in various technical fields

Read more about our translator accreditation and quality assurance process.

Project Management

In the market research field, deadlines are often tight. In addition, the translation process often requires additional clarification, as translators have questions or need additional background information in order to provide the accuracy that is needed in this field. Having offices and staff across the globe allows us to manage projects around the clock. Our project managers are well trained in prioritizing and structuring projects, and our channels of communication are quick and efficient.

Need additional services beyond translation? Drawing upon our presence in over 100 countries, Orange Translations can conduct telephone surveys in foreign languages, validate addresses and mail out questionnaires in-country [Read more]

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