Certified Translations
in Hong Kong

When submitting translations for legal purposes you will often be asked to provide certified translations, for example when you apply for a visa at an Embassy or file documents at any other government office. Examples of such documents include birth certificates, financial statements, medical records, and others.

In our experience, Hong Kong government departments are rather inconsistent regarding their certification requirements. So it is important that you ask the government department where you are filing the translation what exactly their requirements are.

We offer two different types of certifications:

a) Company certification and
b) Sworn declaration

The company certification is a printed certificate of accuracy on company letterhead that is signed by our company director and stamped with our company chop. This certificate is attached to the printout of the translation. We charge a flat fee of HK-$200 for this certification, including delivery by Local Courier.

The sworn declaration is processed through the Hong Kong Home Affairs Department (HAD). Our company director appears personally at the HAD office where he presents the translation and declares under oath that the translation is true and accurate. For this service we charge a flat fee of HK-$400, including delivery by Local Courier. We usually need to schedule this at least a few days up to a few weeks in advance, as our company director is not in Hong Kong at all times.

Generally we do NOT need the original documents. It is sufficient if you make a copy, scan and email it to us.

For further information please contact us at our Hong Kong Translation Office.

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