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Expert translators

When translating finance documents, a specialized translator is a must. An often-cited example of what can go wrong was published by the American Translators Association: In their annual report, a French company had translated “month-end” (la cloture mensuelle) as “the monthly fence”. “Ledger log” (positionnement chrono journal) had become “positioning stopwatch newspaper”.


Translations that are published or submitted to stakeholders or government departments require the highest level of accuracy possible. We therefore assign translators who:

  • Specialize in finance translations
  • Have a finance industry background
  • Are certified by the professional organizations of their countries

Read more about our translator accreditation and quality assurance process.


In the finance field, deadlines for translations are often extremely tight. Drawing from a large pool of well qualified translators ensures that we can always find a translator who is available immediately. For large projects we can assign teams of several translators, who can complete complex projects faster than a single translator could.


We are able to certify each translation we provide, so that it can be used for legal purposes. Our "Certificate of Accuracy" is a one page document on Orange Translations letterhead that is singed by the project manager in charge. Upon request we can get the certificate notarized.

Read more about the certification process.

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