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How are your services priced?

In general, our translation services are priced per word, with a fixed minimum fee for small projects. For desktop publishing (DTP) services such as formatting in Adobe InDesign, Quark or for website localization services, such as TYPO3, Wordpress or Joomla we usually charge a fee per page. Standard text formats such as Word do not carry a formatting charge. Feel free to contact one of our offices today, to receive a free quote.

How long does a translation take?

We work with human translators rather than with translation software. The average amount a translator can do per day is between 2000 and 2500 words. Using translation memory (TM) technology, our translators can significantly reduce turnaround times, based on how much of the text is repetitive. We can also assign a team of translators instead of just a single translator to expedite large projects.

Do you offer rush service?

Yes. If your translation is urgent, please contact us at our office closest to you and we will make sure we speed up the process. You will receive a deadline from us for every project here. There are no additional charges for rush service.
Do you use translation software?
No. All our translations are performed by professional, human translators. We do use computer aided translation (CAT) tools that help our translators produce higher quality translations.

What is translation memory (TM) technology?

Translation memory technology does not translate material, but assists the human translator to produce a better (that is, faster and more consistent) translation. TM, simply put, keeps track of and allows the reuse of information that is repetitive, both within a document and across a series of documents. This saves both costs and time, as repeat texts do not need to be translated over and over again. As your TM database grows over time, your savings increase with every project. Plus, TM technology ensures accurate and consistent translations throughout large projects and over time.

Do you offer certified translations?

Yes. We offer certified translations in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong and the Philippines. [Read more about certified translations]

What are certified translations?

"Certified" means that the translation comes with a "certificate of accuracy" on Orange Translations letterhead, signed by a company representative. This document certifies that the translation is a true and correct. For the U.S. it is certified by a notary public in North Carolina. For Hong Kong we offer a Sworn Declaration through the Home Affairs Department (HAD). In the Philippines we offer certification through a notary public. [Read more about certified translations]

How do I know if I need a certified translation?

Most of the certified translations we do are for legal purposes like immigrations, university applications, or transcripts. Contact the institution or government department requesting these documents from you to determine if certification is required.

What is the cost for a certified translation?

For having a translation certified, we charge a flat fee, which includes document handling, all notary fees and postage for sending you the translation and the certificate. This charge is in addition to the actual translation. Feel free to contact one of our offices to receive a free quote.

When do I pay for my translation?

If you are a company or government office we will send you an invoice after the project has been delivered. If you are an individual you can pay through bank deposit or credit card, in advance.

Can you handle highly confidential material?

Absolutely. We handle private and confidential material every day and will be happy guarantee this in writing and by signing non disclosure agreements.

Further Questions?

If you have additional questions feel free to e-mail us, give us a call, or use our online chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

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